The Joy of Learning Centre was established in 2007 by founder Debbie Doherty. We are a learning Centre that offers individualized full-day and half-day programs that are Ministry approved for ABA/EIBI services. Our clients range in age from 2 years old to 13. Our services support a range of exceptionalities including communication disordersdevelopmental delays and autism spectrum disorders.

Open Monday – Friday, in the beautiful setting of Bronte Creek Provincial Park our Centre offers children the opportunity to engage in natural environment learning and a greater opportunity to generalize the skills they learn in a safe and healthy environment. Hiking, nature walks, visiting the farm learning about the animals in the barn, swimming in summer are just a few of the positive learning, innovative teaching modules that our Centre focuses on.


At the Joy of Learning Centre our focus is on early learning for improved communication and language, behavioural, social and academic skills. We are committed to providing our children with the tools and knowledge to experience confidence, success and joy.

We experience success when we hear children who previously had no language learning to communicate their needs verbally or through a functional form of communication such as Picture Exchange, iPad, or sign. At the Joy of Learning Centre, we adopt a consent-based practice of ABA, whereby we follow the natural interest of the child and design each program based on the needs of the individual. Our goal is to make their world a bigger place.

To ensure transitions between home and therapy is consistent, family/provider involvement is an integral part of your child’s therapy. We provide regular parent/guardian training, deliver regular updates, recommend program observations, as well as programs for use in the home.