The Joy of Learning Center Inc.

At the Joy of Learning Centre our focus is on early intervention for improving communication and language, behavioural, social and academic skills. We are committed to providing our students with the tools and knowledge to experience confidence, success and joy.

We experience success when we hear students who previously had no language talking in full sentences. Some learn a functional form of communication with the use of Picture Exchange, iPad, or sign. Students with behaviours will have these positively eliminated in order to begin focusing on their enriching program goals. Students in need of social skills will develop peer interaction through a variety of exciting group activities designed to provide and maintain these skills. Direct Instruction techniques are also one of many tools used to aid in academic growth.

To ensure transitions between home and therapy is consistent, family/provider involvement is an integral part of your child’s therapy. We deliver regular updates, recommend program observations, as well as programs for use in the home.

Our goal is to provide generalization to our students by working closely with families, schools, daycares and any other support systems necessary for your child’s ultimate success.