Kim Desoisa, M.Sc., BCBA

Kim has a Master’s of Science in Psychology and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).  Kim’s areas of focus is Behaviour therapy and ABA.  She feels very passionate about her field and how it can help many children and people reach their fullest potential.  She has been working one to one and in a supervisory role for 16 years with children on the Autism Spectrum.  Behaviour therapy can be applied to learning, speech, social skills, and many other areas of a person’s day.  Kim is dedicated to make learning fun and thinks it is essential for parents and caregivers to be involved in the sessions and to follow through at home and in the community.  

On a more personal note, Kim loves pets, to read, the outdoors in winter and summer, skiing, snowmobiling, and knitting.  She has a loving family and she enjoys spending time with them.  Kim strives to deliver the best behaviour therapy and consultation that she can and is excited when her clients achieve their goals.

Jessica Craveiro

Jessica has been working in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders since 2006. She is trained in Basic Level Sign Language, Direct Instruction, and has worked with and collaborated with private schools such as Burlington Christian Academy, implementing ABA programs and transitional programs to best meet the needs of the students.  Jessica uses creative ways of teaching, making an exciting environment to enhance the learning of her students.  She also volunteers her time within the community providing one to one in social activities.

Jessica has grown up with a brother with special needs.  She feels that this has enlightened her, and helps her to be compassionate.  She believes that, “Each child is different with a special gift inside that is ready to be shown to the world”!

Mark Bennett, B.A.

Mark Bennett graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He is qualified to teach up to grade 12.  Mark has been working for many years with children and young adults affected by a range of developmental challenges.  His experiences include working with organizations such as the Hamilton Association for Community Living and Camp Trillium Childhood Cancer Family Support Centre.  In addition, Mark has had the privilege of volunteering in educational development programs in Costa Rica and Peru.  Mark’s calm, quiet, yet fun loving nature brings a desirable approach to the students at the Joy of Learning Centre.